Early morning  and evening are of course the best hours of the day to
be walking or cycling along the beach. If you need to have a close eye on fishing culture and their lifestyle in southern coastal area; cycling is the ideal traveling mode. In the morning you can watch how traditional fishing gears are operate on the coastal area as well as enjoy the sun, sea and sand.

Galle fort has historical value and still you can find some valuable monuments and old streets when  you cycling in the city and Galle Fort.Some of the streets still retain the original Colonial Era names; such as the Moorish Pedlar Street, Lighthouse Street, Hospital Street, Old Rope-Walk Street where coir rope was created, Parawa Street, Chando Street and Church street.Not only that you may find The Dutch Reformed Church,The old Dutch Government House,The Residence of the Commander,The National Maritime Museum,The Old Dutch Hospital,Meera Mosque built in 1904,The Buddhist temple which was once the site of the Portuguese Roman Catholic church,The All Saints Anglican church built in 1871,The Clock Tower built in 1882 and the Galle Lighthouse too.

If you are doing cycling  as a sport we can arrange the tour to fulfill your own need.